Ultra Burn Game Review

Ultra Burn Game Review

Ultra Burn, Pragmatic, is a slot machine that is unlikely to give a boost to racing as it lacks features. It has no jokers, scatters, free spins or multipliers. However, this is a simple fruity game that collects some pretty fiery rewards. This means that your journey to big cash prizes couldn’t be easier or faster than through this slot machine. You just need to match the best symbols to win up to 500x your stake. As simple as that!

Fruit and backs go together like oysters and champagne, everyone knows it. This is the combination that you are going to fall in love with in the simple and rich Ultra Burn slot machine. Add some fire to the mixture and things are even more exciting. The flames in the background and the icons light up as soon as the victory is achieved, it is quite hot on the 3 reels of the old school, and a fiery box office is possible here. The game relies heavily on black, red and orange, which makes it quite elegant. Overall, looks are reminiscent of last year, when ground one-armed bandits were the next big thing in the entertainment world. The only difference between Ultra Burn and the old-fashioned cameras is that it is served in a modern package with crisp graphics and stylish animations that you will love.

As a classic slot, Ultra Burn does not see any other symbols besides slot machines. In ascending order, you get X, cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, bars, and stars. The reels feature a huge 7 red badges – what these kids promise you is incomparable to the rewards offered by the rest of the low-paying symbols of the game, no matter how juicy they seem. To be clear, if you hit three 7s, your 100x winnings jump right into your bankroll. In comparison, the second largest paid symbols, stars and bars, give you a shy 10x your 3-player bet. The fruit icons then bring in 4x more wagers – these rewards are less desirable.

What bonuses are there?

In terms of skill, Ultra Burn won’t be as impressive as we mentioned. This is because you won’t get any of the add-ons that you are used to seeing in modern slots. If you were hoping to see at least wild and scatter symbols in the Ultra Burn playground, I’m sorry, but you’re upset, but there are no such symbols in the game. The only smart touch here is the cherry duo, which will pay you 1x your stake, unlike all the other symbols that will only sing when grouped with 3 people.

The super simplicity of the game probably won’t appeal to everyone. However, those who believe they need a respite from the challenging games that are currently flooding the market will see a breath of fresh air in Ultra Burn slot.

How to play Ultra Burn?

There is nothing difficult in Ultra Burn. But before you hit the Spin button, there are a few things you need to take care of. First, you need to choose a bet size that suits your bankroll preferences. With 5 paylines, the minimum amount you can wager is 0.05. This gives you a coin per line, and its cost reaches a modest 0.01. Of course, this small amount will not help you win a gaming session. To play more efficiently, you must bet more. There are many other bet levels – 0.10, 015, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30 … and the list goes on, with 250 being the maximum bet you can choose.

Once you are done with your choice of bets, you can access the Auto-Play settings, if you like, choose between 10, 20, 30, 50, 70 or 100 auto spins. To avoid exceeding your planned budget, you have the option to set up automatic rotation by selecting specific limits. For example, autoplay will stop if your bankroll decreases / increases by the amount you selected. Setting the winning limit is also possible here.

Turbo Spins speed up your gameplay, and if that’s what you prefer, you can enable Turbo Play by holding down the Spacebar. You can also do this using the Auto-Play settings.

Finally, in the lower left corner, there is an “I” icon. This will take you to the paytable where you can see the rewards you will receive when you manage to line up the correct set of symbols.

Play Ultra Burn at Crypto Casino Tabloid

Immerse yourself in the fruity spirit of Ultra Burn by playing slot at one of the leading Crypto Casino Tabloid. Take this great opportunity to try yourself on the perfect gaming site for you. There is also a free play option if you want to get a feel for the fruity action. This is provided by the Ultra Burn demo mode, which is available Crypto Casino Tabloid.

Play Ultra Burn for real money

Ready to try your luck with delicious fruits and Lucky 7s in Ultra Burn? Then real money action is the name of your game. We have some excellent casinos that accept real money bets on Ultra Burn Hot Slot. It’s also worth noting that the casinos on offer are safe destinations (regulated by some of the strictest jurisdictions), while the welcome bonuses they offer are pretty generous to give you a winning boost. Follow this link to see a list of the best real money Ultra Burn casinos in your area.

Play Ultra Burn Free Demo Mode

Want to know more about Ultra Burn before donating your money to this fruity flavored game? It might be a good idea, especially since the Ultra Burn demo mode is available right on this site and allows you to play without registration or deposit.

Experience 200 Burn Ultra Spin

Test spins are always a big adventure for us, as this is how we learn about the potential of the game, and if we’re lucky, we also happily take good money home. After the Ultra Burn 200 spin, we didn’t manage to hit the main jackpot, but we did have a few tense moments that made us smile.

To tell you more; on the first 100 spins we made, we managed to win 10x once, for the rest of the playing time we did not get much – a few 1x and 2x wins of our bet. In total, we received a modest 24-fold prize.

The second part of our fruity adventure was more intense. This is because we managed to land elusive 7, 2 times in a row. In both cases, we won 100 times our stake. This time, it was also paid 10 times, and in the end, we received 238 prizes.

Ultra Burn didn’t give us the prizes we hoped for, but it didn’t leave us empty-handed. And, we have to tell you that watching the big sevens hit the payline, accompanied by the chanting of the game, made our day. What should you expect from Ultra Burn 200 Spins? This is a good question. Try the game now and you will find out. Good luck!


Maintaining simplicity and appeal in Ultra Burn, Pragmatic invites all fans of classic slot machines to enjoy good old retro spins and possibly win big wins. The game focuses on symbols and their payouts, as groups of 3 appear to make you smile. The road to success is through the 7th, and you need full screen to get away with 500x your bet on one spin. What also adds to the appeal of this good medium variance game is the good RTP of 96.62%.

When it comes to visuals, this part of the game does not come as a surprise as everything looks pretty basic. Sure, the touch of flame-style design does well for the aesthetics of the game, but we’ve seen fire drums many times in other classic games, so it doesn’t thrill us anymore. Overall, however, the game looks decent and will appeal to players looking for a fresh fruit adventure that is uncomplicated and attracts big bucks.


  • simplicity
  • decent chances of winning
  • tastefully mixes old-school design and modern graphics

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Ultra Burn Game Review
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